Hearts of Steel : Seekers

19 May


I bought a half dozen ROTF Ransacks way back and I’ve always intended them to be a quick and easy fleet of seekers and rainmakers. I could never decide on how close i should make them to the concept art of the comicbook. The partial head sculpt you see here was done ages ago to replace the skeletal visage of Ransack, but I have always had issues over the gangly arms making a straight headswap unappealing. After all, if you’re going to do something, you may as well do it right.

So I’ve finally decided to do away with the under-arm kibble and do a semi reconfiguration of the mold. This involves taking the shoulder off from under the wing and screw it into the hole where the upright support once was on the fuselage. The engine bay has been trimmed to make space for the new head and the lower wings are joined up to give a similar look to the comic book seekers. The wheels have been removed, trimmed and mounted backwards so that the lower wing can drop down against the legs. The wheels can now also be flipped upwards to give a wider shoulder look.

This is as far as I can get with the stock mold. I will now shorten the existing arms and sculpt something a bit more substantial over their skeleton. The back of his head needs finishing and various bits of plastic from the now-redundant wing clips can be removed. Get a few heads cast, repeat five times and then it’ll be painting time!

One problem I foresee. . . I think one hand got used on a DotM Shockwave custom scout. Anyone got a spare? 😉


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