DotM Commander Shockwave v2

10 Jul


Oh my, half past three of the AM variety. With a night free for customizing and with a distinct lack of Primes on my shopping trips earlier, I fell back on plan B. Since seeing the concept artwork for the Driller and Shockwave I’ve found a new love for a few hundred metres of Cybertronian worm. So here is the first step in the process, articulating a legends Megatron ready for some major resculpting. And then onto his vehicle!

Those of you who have looked at the galleries may have seen my first Shockwave, created from the same mold and based on only the on-set photos of the floating heads on poles. I’m really kicking myself for not taking a cast of that head before I sold it; and that was my first custom sold. And to those that ridiculed it for being left handed unlike the G1 incarnation… ner ner!

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