More HoS Shockwave progress

27 Jul

As seen in my previous post, I’ve mocked up the general shape and size in foam and I’m now going through the various parts and fashioning them out of styrene. The steampunk abs are in place and I’ve started on the hips and chest.

Lots of layers of styrene are being used to make it nice and sturdy and the pictures show that the abdomen will include a flickering light to simulate some good, old fashioned, fossil fuel-burning, power source  The basic structure has been modelled so I still need to include the panel detail, including lots of rivets.

When complete it should be around leader size, say 12-13″.

I’m putting WIP pics on the Facebook account as a bit of a WIP diary, and I’ll post major updates on the blog and forums for feedback. Stay tuned folks!

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