Pimp My… Devastator!

13 Sep

Hearts of Steel Devastator

I picked up this monster from a cheap store for the equivalent of $10. I really do hate PCCs with a passion, but Steamhammer and his drones have some lovely detail on them. I’m desperate to go to work painting him up, but could never do it while he remained a stumpy, walking clothes line. Ergo, he had to die, to be reborn as… Steampunk / Hearts of Steel Devastator!
HoS Devasator is primarily a heavily modified Steamhammer mixed with a RotF Scavenger, PCC Groundspike and random oddments from the bits box. You’ll notice that the torso has been increased in height to make it more imposing and better proportioned. Shoulders and elbows are ball jointed to replace the poor/non-existant articulation in the original model. The torso now has a swivel joint at the waist and a tilt and swivel joint at the ribs to allow for a bit of chest pumping and/ or bending down to squash some poor Autobot.
The neck and wrists are also ball jointed, and I’ll be adding some feet, again on ball joints. I have also started articulating the fingers, as the original hands were too good to lose. In all, this will be a well articulated Devy, able to bust all kinds of moves 🙂
There’s still a fair amount of work to be done; finishing off the arms, modifiying the head and providing some kick-ass weapons, but I can’t wait to paint him up. If you have an opinion on what colours you’d like to see (G1/G2/other?) then post me a comment here, or Facebook!

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