Movie Seeker Ransack

17 Feb

Ransack never appeared in the TF movies, but was included in the various accompanying comics and books. He is supposedly one of the Seekers in the movie continuity (as was Jetfire), and loyal to the Fallen. He didn’t get any screen time, but concept art by Ben Proctor is floating around depicting a Model T transformer looking remarkably like Ransack. So, here’s my re-imagining of this Seeker…

“After failing to activate the energon harvester on Earth under the leadership of the Fallen, Ransack remained on Earth. Low on energon, he powered down in the early twentieth century, having taken the form of an early automobile and sought refuge in an isolated barn. There he remained, rusting, and awaiting the return of his master, the Fallen…”

Ransack is based on a HtfD Hubcap with a few minor modifications:
– The head of the biplane toy was modified to fit the Hubcap balljointed neck
– The hood transformation has been altered to allow the engine/head to protrude
– The door panels have been removed from the forearms and attached to the shoulders to allow the attachment of machine guns to the forearm
– Magnetically attached machine guns store under the car in alt mode.
– Prep’ed, primed and painted with Tamiya acrylics.

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