Monsters Vs Aliens Wicked Jack Pumpkin Monster

22 Oct

Here’s an old one I’m revisiting after it won the Halloween contest last year. I’ll be posting about the casting process I went through last month and I’m just finishing up a limited edition run of three of these fellas ready for Halloween auctions! Stay tuned!

“This is a scratch-built action figure of the pumpkin giant from the Monsters Vs Aliens Halloween special. It’s huge in the film, so I decided to make it equally huge; it’s about 14 inches tall, so should be roughly in scale with the Ginormica/Susan action figure from the line (though I couldn’t find one to check).

“The figure was made from a block of foam, trimmed to a basic shape using a hotwire. The foam was then coated with basic details using air-drying clay as it’s very cheap, but brittle and cracks as it dries. Having used probably a kilo of the stuff, I coated it all again in mode expensive Milliput epoxy clay. This forms a complete shell around the figure, dries as hard as rock to hold the whole thing together, and takes sculpting detail easily. Even with the airdrying clay making up the bulk, I still got through about five boxes of epoxy on this monster.

“The arms are made from Struxx connectors and ball joints, covered in wire, and both clays again. The big ball joints are firm and can easily hold all the weight I put on them. Lets just say, Lego Knights joints pale in comparison and would not be up to this job.

“The neck is a combination of two large ratchetting joints to give extension and lift, topped by another Struxx ball so that the head can move from a monsterly shrug, to upright like ET, and still look around.

“Finally, he was painted with Tamiya and GW acrylic paints.

“I have to say that he isn’t finished yet, being maybe 80% complete so far. I will be casting him which will hopefully make the copies sufficiently lighter so that I can wire him up with some LEDs to make the eyes and mouth glow like the film. Once he’s been cast I will also add the finer vine and foliage details, and I still have a shed-load of painting effects and shading to do to make it more movie accurate.

More pictures of the build process on the Facebook page ( so please stop by and click the like button.

“Incidentally, this technique is what I’m doing for the TF Prime Unicron build, currently underway. More pics on that soon.

“Thanks for all the votes in the contest guys; it was a close race towards the end with some great competition (respect to TTT and Solrac for some awesome entires), but it made my New Year to have retained the contest crown after Steampunk Scourge last time.

“Happy New Year!”

Work in progress shots
A full step-by-step is my Facebook page

Foam blocks and air-drying clay for the rough shape

Struxx and various wires for arms

Painting my ass off after the primer finally dried

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