Shattered Glass Insecticons

22 Oct

Here we have my Shattered Glass Insecticons, although they equally work as Diaclone originals too (given that the diaclone molds were repurposed for the SG universe). They are created from the G1 Insecticons and have been heavily modified to provide some much needed articulation. I’ve also taken a bit of artistic licence and allowed Shrapnel’s jaws/horns to rotate for a more streamlined look. All chrome bits were redone with holochromatic spectral chrome for a lovely rainbow chrome effect.

These were done for ThielMJ who is organising a charity event and hopefully they will raise some money for a good cause. More details on that soon as the event rolls out in June.

There are some WIP pics at the end to show what was done to them and a picture of the final packaged set including my signature collectors cards šŸ™‚

So it’s my pleasure to introduce Kickback, Shrapnel and Bombshell (or Shothole, Zaptrap and Salvo if you prefer)…

My Packaging…

WIP photos…

More details on the Pimp My Toy facebook page (likes or shares appreciated!

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