About Pimp My Toy

Pimp My Toy is all about taking toys that you love and taking them to the next level of Awesome. Whether it is just a simple repair or repaint, or scratchbuilding something entirely new, Pimp My Toy does it all, using the highest quality paints and materials. With buckets of experience in hacking things apart, putting things together and making them look pretty, why not try Pimp My Toy when planning your next masterpiece?

Comic Book Concept Series

I’m a sucker for leafing through concept artwork, be it as extras in comics or DVDs, to find out what ‘could have been’. You always find some gems that never make the final cut in the main work, and sometimes they are just too awesome to ignore. That’s where the Comicbook Concept Series from Pimp My Toy comes in.

There are a few customs just begging to be made and they will, in good time. Check out the blog under the Comicbook Concept Series category for details of progress.

Black Label Series

For something a bit special, we have the Black Label Series – customs of such magnitude and imagination they deserve special recognition. They’re not cheap, but the level of Awesome-ness has been taken up to 11.


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