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Movie Cy-Kill

Although originally a Gobot, Cy-Kill occasionally makes cameo appearances in the comic books; usually to be killed off as soon as the story allows.

Cy-Kill is based on the HftD Chopsaw mold and features the following:
– Improved headsculpt. Chopsaw is a fugly beast, so the quick addition of a nose and lower jaw make Cy-Kill look a lot better.
– Holochromatic spectral chrome paint job. It doesn’t show very well in the pictures, but he has a rainbow-reflection on the chrome in good light.
– Removed the front wheel arch because Chopsaw’s hands were frankly rubbish and as a chopper is looks much better this way.
– Attached new hands to the front forks, in the same style as the original Gobot.
– The front wheel detaches from the hands and can be used as a weapon, or attached to the shoulders as per the original toy.

He’ll be going on to ebay shortly, so feel free to drop by and bid. And so, on to the pictures…

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Steampunk Ravage on eBay

Only a few hours left to get yourself my second Hearts of Steel custom! Go bid now!