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Ransack & Cy-Kill ebay auctions

Movie Cy-Kill can be found here (same listing, but through the US or UK sites). All profits going to the Procustomizers supporters fund!  ebay USA – CyKill  |  ebay UK – CyKill

Rusty old Ransack can be found in the following listings:  ebay USA – Ransack  |  ebay UK – Ransack

Both end in ten days, a week on Sunday. Good luck if you decide to place a bid!

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Steampunk Ravage on eBay

Only a few hours left to get yourself my second Hearts of Steel custom! Go bid now!


Now on eBay & introducing Fracas

The auction is up and here’s a sneak peak of Scourge and a bonus auction item, Fracas…

Fracas was Scouge’s targetmaster partner (a robot that turns into a weapon). In the Hearts of Steel continuity I have reimagined him as a gatling cannon that turns into a robotic spider. Each of the legs is a barrel of the cannon; once straightened out they flip up forwards and the head flips back to become a control panel.

Check out the auction, ending Sunday!